Someone you know just got a Business Line of Credit WITHOUT a Personal Guarantee.


  • True Line of Credit: Pull cash directly to your business bank account at any time.

  • Keep Clean Credit: Get your financing without a credit inquiry, without personal reporting, and without a personal guarantee!

  • Easy Auto-Pay System: We take auto-pay to the next level. It's attached to your merchant account so you never miss a payment and save money on interest.

  • Build Business Credit: while we don't report personally, this will report to D&B and Exp Business so you qualify for more funding later.

  • Funding Grows Over Time: Initially you will be approved based on your personal credit, but then you can get up to $100k based on your business income.

  • Nobody is Declined: While persons with better credit will get more funding, nobody is declined for the merchant line as long as you have a business with a merchant account.


Give us a call and we'll review the program to see if its a fit for you.

Funding Support

(800) 730-3084

I never would have been able to start my food truck without you guys...

Caesar R

D' Bomb Food Truck

I can't say thank you enough. I didn't think it could work like this... so easy...

Janett L

Cups N Cakes

Your whole process was so simple... I kept waiting for the catch.

Renee P

Franchise Owner

I've owned my restaurant for 20 years and never needed a loan. Thank you for your help.

Marjorie S

The Corner Deli

I tried my bank at first. That was horrible! They make me feel like a criminal.

Kimber F

Tastee Fresh

I've been using my line for two years now and I recommend it for any restaurant.

Mario G

Mario's on 5th

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