Attention: Here's your chance to join the only financial reseller program that comes with a line of credit to support your marketing expenses.


Promote our Merchant Line credit program & earn 100% of the signup fees for new clients and new resellers!

Dear marketing partners,


We are excited to invite you to become a Reseller of 1st Merchants, the only company that gives a line of credit to cover your marketing expenses.


As a Reseller, we will establish a merchant account for you to use to sign up new clients and agents. You will then keep 100% of the signup costs charged for clients and new resellers. In fact, you will process it on your own merchant account and have the funds deposited directly into your bank account.


After enrolling 10 accounts you start earning residuals on your accounts, eventually earning up to 25 basis points (.25%) on all your accounts' merchant processing.


We look forward to working with you,

Why Sell The Merchant Line?

It's the easiest & fastest funding program you've ever offered.

Once you learn why people want a Merchant Line, you'll know why you have to offer it.

  • Everyone is Approved

    Tired of offering funding products your clients want but can't get? Everyone is approved.

  • No Personal Guarantee

    Yes. It's real. We finally have No PG funding that anyone can get if they have a business. Guaranteed.

  • No Inquiry or Reporting

    There is absolutely no personal reporting ever, not even an inquiry on your credit profile.

  • Builds Business Credit

    This line of credit will build your business credit profile with both D&B and Experian Business.

Here's How To Get Started


Apply to our Reseller program

Start by applying for our reseller program. You'll need to provide all the information necessary for us to provide you with your new line of credit. Get up to $10,000 to use however you need.


Access the Reseller online portal

Inside your new resellers portal you'll find everything you need to start marketing and selling. Plus we'll provide a customized enrollment packet enabling you to collect payment from your new clients. 


Sign up clients & resellers

To sign up clients and resellers you collect the signed agreement and basic supporting documents (ID, Articles, Voided Check). Once you process the setup payment on your own merchant account you then turn in the account for fulfillment. At that point you've already been paid and are done. Submit 100 clients per month and earn almost $10,000 in signup fees. Then after 10 accounts you can start earning residual income on all the merchant accounts as well.


For new clients obtaining a Merchant Line

New client pays $99.97 enrollment fee and you keep all of it!

For new resellers you enroll with 1st Merchants

New resellers pays $249.97 enrollment fee and you keep all of it!

After you have enrolled merchant accounts

Earn 25 basis points on all the merchant processing for any client or reseller who sets up a merchant account with us*. 25 basis points is equal to 1/4% of all the money they process through their merchant account.


For example, if your combined 100 clients process a total of $1 million in one month, 25 basis points would be $2,500 in residual income.


*It is not mandatory for all clients to use a merchant account from 1st Merchants, so understand that we cannot pay residual income on merchant processing done through a merchant account obtained through some other source than 1st Merchants.



Account Setup

To join our Reseller program you must also be a client of 1st Merchants. To do so carries a setup cost of $249.97


Ongoing Membership

Resellers pay $99.97 each month to cover related technology and legal expenses.


Reseller Sign up

Pay your account setup fee to gain access to our reseller program and online portal.

  • Get a line of credit of up to $10,000 based on your personal credit

  • Boost your line of credit up to $100,000 based on the volume you produce.

  • Earn 100% of all setup fees for new clients and new resellers you enroll.

  • Earn 25 basis points on merchant residuals from after you qualify by enrolling new accounts

IMPORTANT: Paying the setup fee does not guarantee acceptance into the reseller program. If for any reason we determine that this program is not a fit for you we will refund your investment within the next 7 days.

Secure Order

256BIT – Encryption

7 Days

Money Back Guarantee

Terms & Conditions

Refunds: You may have to provide refunds to accounts that don't complete setup



When a new client or agent pays you the $99.97 or $249.97 setup fee, they have the right to request a refund at any point up until when they complete the setup of their line of credit. Our terms state the client has 7 days to request a refund, but in reality we honor the request up until the point where they complete the setup of their new line of credit.


If a client requests a refund you are obligated to give that refund to them. Since all of that money came to you then you need to be prepared to provide that refund should this happen.


Expect 5% to 10% of your clients to get refunds. If the number goes beyond this, then you need to re-evaluate how you are selling the product to avoid confusion and submit qualified accounts.

Credit Criteria: Submitting good clients and resellers

Credit Criteria:


When a new account is enrolled with 1st Merchants (both clients and resellers), the line of credit received will be based on the personal credit of the business owner. Specifically it is based on the FICO8 Score as reported by Experian. View the chart below to set the proper expectations for your accounts. The #1 reason for a refund request is that an account expected to get a larger credit line than they ultimately received.



An account's credit line can be increase significantly after the account is opened by submitting business bank statements, up to $100,000.

Merchant Processing: Understanding basis points

Basis Points:

  • Basis points (BPS) refers to a common unit of measure for interest rates and other percentages in finance. One basis point is equal to 1/100th of 1%, or 0.01%, or 0.0001.
  • After you hit your new account qualifier, when any of your accounts (client or reseller) obtain a merchant account through 1st Merchants, you will earn 25 basis points on the monthly transactions processed through that account.
  • $1 Million processed through all of your combined merchant accounts creates a residual payout of $2,500 to you. These payments will continue indefinitely for as long as the clients continue to process through their account.

Qualifying for Residuals: How to qualify for merchant processing residual payments

New Account Qualifier:


When you have successfully enrolled at least 10 accounts with 1st merchants you qualify to begin receiving merchant processing residuals. Be aware that while you may have enrolled 10 accounts, not all accounts would have obtained a merchant account through 1st Merchants. If a client kept their original merchant account they will not be forced to get a new account. So for example if only 50% of your accounts obtain a merchant account though 1st merchants, you will qualify to get residuals but only get paid on 5 accounts.


At the point that you have hit your 10 account qualifier, all merchant accounts obtained from your clients will be included in your payouts. If it took 3 months to qualify, you will not get back-paid residuals from months 1 and 2, but you will immediately being to receive all future residual payouts going forward, for as long as you maintain an active account with us.


Active Account:


A Reseller is considered to have an active account by two criteria, by continuing ethical business standards and paying their subscription dues.

  • Ethical business standards - A reseller who is honest with accounts and does not abuse their merchant account or default on their line of credit is considered to be maintaining ethical business standards. If a reseller has his account terminated for a high number of complaints or chargebacks he/she risks losing future merchant account residual payments.
  • Resellers must maintain consistent payments for the $99.97 monthly reseller membership subscription. Failing to make these payments could result in forfeiture of future merchant account residuals.

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